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As many of you know, we have been avoiding this day for weeks, but the time has come… the COVID-19 outbreak is now forcing us to press pause on all appointments for a minimum of two weeks. Effective from March 30th through April 13th (fingers crossed), Salty Lash & Brow and ALL our artists will be staying at home to aid in the control of the virus. Josie will be reaching out to everyone in the next 2 weeks to try and reschedule you. PLEASE WAIT FOR HER TO REACH OUT TO YOU. We have quite a few people to work out, so this will aid in not overwhelming her and keeping some organization with the process. If you already have an appointment booked after April 13th, we will plan on keeping you with your regular planned appointment. A lot of you will be in need of full sets, and for that reason, we will fill as much as we can at that appointment in the time already scheduled, and will likely need to get you back in sooner than your regular 2-3 week appointment to finish up. As this temporary closure is not due to either ours or your doing, we will only charge you for a 4 week fill, not a full set. We appreciate your patience. 


Please respect your stylist by not asking them to ignore social distancing. We love you babes, but we will not be making any exceptions or house calls (which we do NOT do in normal circumstances). We 100% get that the struggle we are all facing is REAL. Your lashes, and brows are grown out. Some lashes might be looking cray. The thinning is coming in strong, and yes, we all (including me) have like 10 lashes holding on for dear life. We know you will be desperate… but so will 100ish clients who have also had their appointments cancelled over the next 2 weeks and so on. It puts us in a really awkward position when you ask us to come into the studio just for you, or to your home or ask to come to ours. We will prioritize the rescheduling of appointments by the order they were missed. Please be patient. We are equally upset to not have the ability to work and at this point everything is out of our control. 


Stay healthy, stay safe and relax knowing everyone else is in the same boat. 


Thank you for your continued support and we will see your gorgeous face after April 13th or TBD





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